Published: 2006, Curbstone Press/ Northwestern University Press.
Agent: Victoria Shoemaker
Availability: Available on-line or through Northwestern University Press

“Buffalo Boy and Geronimo is a spectacularly great achievement and one of the great dramas of good and evil in contemporary literature.”

––Alan Miller, author of Gaia Connections: An introduction to Ecology, Ecoethics, and Economics

“To read Buffalo Boy and Geronimo is to realize the suffering of war, and the dearness of every life. An important book. A beautiful book.”

––Maxine Hong Kingston, author of The Fifth Book of Peace and The Woman Warrior

“This compelling novel has the ability to communicate village life in Viet Nam during the war and the way the whole of it—animals, people, the aged, as well as packed rice shoots—are moved through the forests, across rivers, as the Americans follow them in their business of destroying villages and imposing immense ecological damage. It’s extraordinary.”

––Grace Paley, author of The Little Disturbances of Man and Collected Stories